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I recently started a new job (Yay!) and unfortunately I don’t have my own vehicle yet.  If you’ve ever been there you can understand how annoying it is depending on family members for transportation all of the time.  
The deal is, I have almost enough money saved to buy this little beauty but I’m short just a couple hundred dollars and the man selling refuses to budge on the price.  I’d like to ask anyone willing to visit here and click the ad only once a day, keeping it open for 2-4 minutes.  Each click helps me earn a little money and hopefully with your help I can have enough before he decides to sell it to someone else.  Thank you to everyone willing to help and since I have very few followers, please signal boost.

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Rainy Night



im sorry but if you think that human!cas would be a cold and collected businessman, with a picture perfect, impersonal, undecorated apartment, and no sense of humor, you are wrong im sorry you just are

of all the things that human!cas would be, cold and impersonal is not one of them.  he would have a great sense of humor, if not a bit dry to the point where some people question if he’s joking or not.  he would be so in touch with nature, and love hiking, climbing, camping, even just taking a walk through a park to admire the flowers and the bees.  cas would love working with his hands; knitting, painting, gardening, sculpting. he would be nostalgic - make little impulse buys, like the snow globe with an angel in the middle, that he spots in a shop window during the holidays.  like the little prayer flags above his bed that come in all different colors of the rainbow.  like the cute novelty mugs that he collected so many of they have an entire shelf to themselves.  like the fluffy orange socks that everyone tells him are hideous, but feel softer than any other fabric he’s ever felt, and keep his feet warm when he walks across the cold tile of his kitchen to make coffee in the morning.

cas would be imperfect - all those beautiful, unique imperfections - and he wouldn’t do what people thought he was supposed to in life.  just do what made him happy, like sleeping in late every day, and climbing trees to watch the sunset, and learning new clean eating recipes.  he would miss jokes, fall in love quickly sometimes and slowly other times, live from moment to moment, zone out mid-conversation while he imagines what life must be like for a white-beaked dolphin now that the oceans are so polluted.

cas could have many professions - artist, dancer, designer, nurse, pediatrician, teacher, bartender, barista, personal trainer, olympic gymnast, marine biologist, social justice advocate, animal rights activist, ballerino, wedding planner, interior decorator, veteranarian, proud owner of an etsy shop specializing in cute hand-sewn pillows, and knitted scarves (most of which have bee patterns on them).

cas would be so so many warm, expressive, down to earth, complex and loving things.  but cold, impersonal, and seemingly picture perfect are none of them.

So basically he would be Misha.

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